Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Post

Is new. I should update this more.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Slash my wrist in the room,

Hang myself in the room,

Slash my wrist under the light,

Please laugh at me it will not be a joke unless you do so.
Here is the last leaf from my dead tree, I see your reflection in the dirty water,
Dreams and aspirations, floating perfection in the big sky waiting to be grasped.
Passionate red, The perfection I loved so much... Scarlet Sakura.
Perfection being sweeter than honey is just an ideal, not to be grasped.

No-one wants the past... No-one likes the past.

Wave goodbye with a single finger, I feel it on my forehead like a gun barrel,
Even the petal with the black coat swallows her tears as she faces reality.
Passionate black, the sweetness tasted through a gauze of passion... Scarlet Sakura
Perfection slashed with a blade of loneliness, tatters float in the air like black blossom.

I don't blame you, wandering geisha.